The Ecosystem of Burn Hot Sauce

The Ecosystem of Burn Hot Sauce

Burn Hot Sauce is a culmination of farmers market community, love for cooking, fermenting, and feeding the people that mean the most!

Our health focused hot sauces are entirely lacto-fermented, signifying the farms through wild fermentation and single-origin batches. These amazing organic farms work with us first hand, selecting seed in winter, propagating in early spring, and harvesting by mid-summer.

The incredible wild yeast cultures (from the farms) amplify the pepper’s flavors and terroir through the beneficial fermentation. The microbiome is so important and it can be supported in many ways. 

The relationships embodied in fermented foods is a microbial ecosystem, for ages known to be the experiment sitting on countertops, resting in food cellars and being served with all your daily meals. Now that we’ve created something special, it’s time to give back!  Let our hot sauce microbes increase your vitamin and mineral uptake while benefiting properties of Capsaicin (active component of chili peppers/ spicy-ness)

 These benefits include lower blood sugar levels, improvement in heart health, blood circulation, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and pain relief. Oh, did we mention the endorphin rush? Yes, peppers have been proven to make you happier by sending signals to the brain to chill out! 

Articles of information:

Ecology of Fermented Foods by Robert Scott & William C. Sullivan



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