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Probiotic Chili Powder

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This probiotic chili powder is pure, clean heat. Chili Peppers have been praised for their healing properties and have been known to aid in digestion, relieve migraine/joint/nerve pain, boost metabolism, support weight loss, and more...

A truly magical fruit for an even better hot sauce. This mixture of dehydrated skins and seeds will have your mouth watering!


🌻  Certified CCOF Organic

🌱  Vegan, Raw & Alive

🌎  Single Origin 

✨  Vinegar, preservative, and sugar free

🍞  Gluten Free


    Burn's Probiotic Chili Powder does not need to be refrigerated.

    Probiotic Chili Powder has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.