Our Story

Remember the time..

When you let your date order dinner at the Moroccan restaurant? The food was unfamiliar, to say the least. The first bite wasn’t bad. Second bite, holy mother F, the spice was blitzed right through your body. You started sweating profusely, and each inhalation of breath made the food feel even spicier. It was a first date, and you didn’t want to offend the gorgeous person sitting across the table from you. You tried to keep your cool, but your insides were already imploding.

Okay, yeah. That wasn’t you. That was Ben Stiller on a date with Jennifer Anniston in the movie Along Came Polly. But we’ve all experienced that moment before, right? Foolishly ordering something so spicy that it felt like you swallowed a match light. Some of us have been burned so bad by these experiences, that we’ve sworn to never eat a pepper again.

Burn Hot Sauce is here to change your relationship with spicy peppers and hot sauce. We’ve turned the heat down to a simmer, so that we can draw out flavors that are often muted by spicy fire.

Think of us a simmer sauce. A micro-dose of spicy. We’re here for that slow burn. That sensational tingle. Most importantly, we are here to experience flavor first.

We take it nice and slow, because good things come to those who wait. Each sauce is aged and fermented at minimum for 3 months. Peppers, salt, water, and time is all you will find in each bottle. Burn Hot Sauces are made without additives or preservatives. All our food products are Vegan, Paleo, sugar, & gluten-free